Michael Thomas

I put four musical acts through to Busker Abu, which seeks to find the best busker in Ireland.

Jack Craig, who was runner-up in our last Songwriter Contest, surprisingly didn’t pick up all of the coins.

The judges said he should have used the capo as the notes were too high for him and the guitar drowned out the singing. I think they were right.

Spring Tides

Then Spring Tides got into the sing off as one of the best two acts out of eight.

They surprisingy lost out to a couple of girl singers.

I said to a couple of people after the sing-off “I’m 90% sure they’ve got it.

The producer told me afterwards she thought they’d shaded it.

They lost 2-0 on the judge’s verdict though.


Then the Decibellas, Debbie, Geraldine and Aaron got to the sing-off too after a great performance – and lost 2-1 on the judges scorecard.

So, near and yet so far.

Last Sunday (and repeated this evening), Michal Thomas took part.

Michael has played the BeatlesFest in Rosatos the last 3 years and will play again this year. He is also playing in June in Rosatos.


He was only one of three acts to get all 15 coins from the judges this week. He played the Rolling Stones Paint It Black as he had done at the BeatlesFest.

He made it to the sing off – where he got to play 2nd.

The first judge, the female judge, gave it to the girl.

It seemed like deja vu.

The second judge gave it to Michael – as did the third judge.

At last we had a winner. He is now through to the semi finals.

It could easily have been three through to the semis as Spring Tides and  Debbie, Geraldine and Aaron deserved to go through.