Perhaps one wasn’t meant to be ‘flat to the mat’ this morning at Fit Camp but that’s exactly where I seemed to end up all morning. It was another glorious one as we all met at 6.15. The sun was up and the sky was blue. Mind you my body was also a bit blue on completion shortly after 7.15.
Bendy Aunty Fran might be well able to stretch, bend, flex those all important muscles and limbs but I’m going nowhere fast at present. That could well have something to do with missing the odd alarm and complaints of a sore toe!! Excuses to the fore as always!
The gang were there in force this morning and it all got off to a nice mild start. The mildness soon passed however and the pace increased. I’m wondering if I tried ‘upward dog’ would it be a bit more relaxing that that ‘downward dog’. When Fran informed us that this is the resting pose, I really believe she was misjudging the situation. If I ever get to the stage that this is rest, I shall run for the Presidency!
And as for turning my left side of my body to the right side, I’m just not moving. Using the age old excuse of the troubled shoulders will only serve me so long I reckon. But I’ll continue to use such!
I was certain that Fran wasn’t looking all those times I moved from Downward Dog to flat to the mat, but earlier this evening I realised she must have noticed! When I saw a post on Face Book and my name tagged to a certain picture, I knew that she’s definitely got eyes in the back of her head.
Downward Dog
Mind you if she ever decided to bring the vino to class I’m sure quite a few of us will manage the said poses very quickly!
Someone once told me that Yoga was an easy form of exercise. Little did I know that the only easy part is the relaxation at the end. Now that, I can cope with.
I might moan and groan for the hours that follow but this really is a fun and interesting exercise session. The atmosphere is tense but with an air of fun…the exercise is tough but everyone strives to succeed…the poses are challenging but we feel the benefit as the day progresses. And maybe, just maybe, our instructor is inspirational. However I progress with this challenge, I do aim to progress….it may be little by little, but one day I shall perfect that downward flipping dog.
As the old sides are aching tonight and the legs similar, I’m convinced I did something right this morning at dawn. It’s sure to be that ‘good pain’ Mia continually talks about. Maybe I’ll wake up in the morning in that ‘downward dog’ pose! Stranger things have happened. So until next week, it’s flat to the mat for the weekend with no dog in sight. But maybe a glass of vino before the weekend is out!