Moville ATMs

The banks appear not to have learned their lessons from the bailout. They appear, still, to be treating their customers badly.

We’re told that both the ATM at Ulster Bank and the ATM at Bank of Ireland have run out of money.

First the AIB left town and then Ulster Bank announced they were leaving.

Now, we are left with just half-a-bank in the Bank of Ireland which has just skeleton services some days of the week.

Bank Holiday

Maybe the banks didn’t realise that it was a bank holiday weekend when people will need extra money.

Can you imagine what visitors to our summer festivals would think if they couldn’t even get money out of the ATM machines.

They would think Moville was a hick town.

AIB at Centra

We think that the AIB ATM at Centra is still ‘paying out’.

If you need cash you should get up there before everyone else does.

I remember at the time of the bailout the Government were talking about creating ‘bad banks’ i.e. who would take over the debts but not the deposits and create good banks that no longer had the debts.

It looks like they succeeded very well in creating bad banks but they forgot to create the good banks.

We know very well that next Christmas and next Easter the exact same thing will happen again at the ATMs in Moville.