It’s Good Friday and you’d think there’d be enough penance with fasting and abstinence (if you’re that way inclined) without the added penance of Mia’s circuits on a Friday morning. But no, I must have sinned more than most this year and I suffered for those sins this morning with the gals. At least we all sinned! And paid the price together for those sins!!
So it was 6.15am on Good Friday 2015 and as it’s the last day in the current camp we expected Mia to arrive with Easter Eggs, and more chocolate this morning. But no, she arrived with her legendary circuit course intact. And off we went. I wonder if purgatory is much worse than this? Surely not!
Planking up and down, a bicycle without wheels, weights to sit-up with, weights to lounge with and weights to squat with. As for those burpees, oh boy! She had them all. Mind you there was a little escapism in the course this morning. The boxing gloves….with Mia as the target…now that felt good!!!
Well another camp finished and although I only joined mid way, I feel like I’ve never been away. There’s a whole week ahead of lie on’s. I can officially turn off the 5.45am alarm, whoopee….
From weddings, to April Fools lotto wins, to some crazy morning antics, it’s all there with Mia’s gang. We (I) might complain on a daily basis, but we wouldn’t be without it. Cheers Mia for another good one and here’s to starting all over again in just over one weeks time. But for now, it’s chillaxing and maybe even some wine (did someone say it’s Good Friday? So I’ll dream I’m in Sydney and it’s now Easter Saturday!!) Cheers and Happy Easter ladies 🙂