5,45am on a Wednesday is possibly the toughest time to get to that camp! Hump day is never easy. And this morning was NO exception.
On arrival at 6.15am today I was hoping it would be an easy session. And then I saw the boxing gloves. Easy went right out that window!
The skipping ropes were also present. Mia doesn’t do things by half. We’re either fully fledged boxers or we’re not! So skipping was the warm up! There was no ‘teddy bear, teddy bear turn around. Teddy bear, teddy bear touch the ground…’ Oh no, it was 10 seconds fast, 20 seconds moderated, 30 seconds fast…until the wee legs were like jelly!
Next it was on with the boxing gloves and that old ‘one two’ took on a whole new level of meaning. It always looks easy but when doing it, it’s a little different. Boy does one learn to get out of the way of that punch quickly. It’s fun punching the one opposite you but when she punches back…ouch! Mind you the lotto winner was on her best behaviour today! I’ve heard she can really throw a punch!
Just when I thought it was all over, it was time to dawn the gloves again and it was sit up time…with a punch…I’ll never finish this I thought….yeehaa, thanks to the encouragement of the lovely young H I managed to do just that…finish…but on rising the wee legs, arms and all else were in a state of complete shock. I’m typing this with my toes as the arms just don’t work and are unable to send signals to the fingers!!
And finally we could stretch. Thank the good Lord for stretching.
There’s a long day ahead, and I’m not sure I’ll see it through. But either way I’m now ready to give Katie Taylor a run for her money! Bring it on!