Americans Coming

This time last year Americans could get 72 European  cents for each dollar they exchanged.

This year they can get 92 cents to the dollar.

That’s 28% more.

Last year 1.1m of all Ireland’s 7m tourists were American. That’s 15% of the total.

In ten years time the number of Americans coming here is predicted to be 2.7m out of a total of 10m tourists to Ireland.

So, although they are only 15% of the tourists at the moment, in the next 10 years half of the growth of tourism to Ireland will be in American tourism.

With the dollar so strong against the Euro it is much cheaper for Americans to come to Ireland this year – and so lots more of them are expected to come.

British and Northern Tourists

To a lesser extent the same is true of British tourists to Ireland.

The pound can now buy British tourists €1.37 compared to €1.20 last year. So, as it is now much cheaper to come here and spend here for British tourists, expect more of them to come here.

Expect a lot more visitors from Northern Ireland to come here this year too.

For years they had considered Moville and other places in Donegal and the rest of Ireland too expensive.

Pound Buys More

Now their pound buys a lot more than it used to do.

A pint of lager in Rosatos is €4.10.  The price of a pint of lager in Sandinos in Derry is €2.95. That’s €4.04 at the current Euro / Sterling rate.

Although there are cheaper places than Sandinos in Derry we can now see that the price of a beer is now competitive in Moville compared to Derry.

Indeed, if you go to pubs like Annie’s or Maguires you can get a pint of Carling for €3 – which is very competitive with Derry.

With Moville now much more affordable to Americans, British and Northerners, this could be a pretty good summer for pubs, restaurants and shops in Moville.

If we get a good summer it could really be a bumper year!

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