This is one young lady who really does work wonders. Anyone who knows me knows that I’m not the girlie girl type of gal. Teeshirt, jeans and boots and I’m ready for anywhere! Nails might be chipping, make up lacking, but hey, I wouldn’t have it any other way…or would I?
I first encountered the said young lady last year as I prepared for a family wedding. She turned my finger nails and my toe nails into works of art. I even refrained from washing the dishes….I wasn’t letting anything destroy this masterpiece! I felt lady like and it was nice.
So as I prepare for a wedding this coming weekend I decided to visit once more. And once again she did indeed work her magic. But not only did Nicola sort my nails out, she asked me about my make up and when I told her my routine she immediately began offering me advice. It was simple, to the point and very helpful.
I inquired about her range of make up brushes and she explained which ones did what. I needed a foundation brush and she advised me on the right purchase. It was all done in a very professional manner and no pressure to purchase was forthcoming.
I left Make Me Up by Nicola today having learned so very much and with a new brush in the bag!
If it’s nails you need doing, or a make up demonstration, a make up for occasion, a new brush for the face, just call this gal. She’s mobile and comes to you. No travel necessary on your part.
And if your brushes have seen better days, check out her range, they’re exceptionally reasonable and extremely good quality.
Make Me Up by Nicola website