So it was the final day of the week in Fit Camp this morning. 5.45am came early as always, but once up and out of that bed, the feeling is bright and optimistic! And today it was time to hit the mat…I had planned on lying on that mat and just looking around me. But Bendy Aunty Fran as always had other ideas!
The lady can work herself into some outstanding positions it’s actually quite scary. I’d been away for so long that when she mentioned the ‘table top’ I immediately thought on the mountain in South Africa. For a split second I imagined jetting off and lounging in the South African sunshine. But alas, it was time to creep my fingers and toes and get the old back, legs and all else into position. Well, try as best I could to get into such!
She makes it look so easy.
And then it was the ‘cat pose’ time and the ‘litter’ were meowing with the nasal breathing.
cat pose
No sooner had we accomplished the ‘cat’ than it was time to embark on the ‘cow pose’! What would be next I dreaded to think.
cow pose 1
I must admit however that having suffered rather a lot of pain over the previous 48 hours this stretching and hauling of my wee limbs did indeed serve to release much of the pain. I was doing something right. But definitely not everything. Whilst everyone else was stretched to the limit, I seemed to fall flat on the mat. I’m hoping Bendy Aunty Fran didn’t notice quite how often it happened but I’m sure she caught a lot of it.
When the class began to place the knees on the elbows and hang in the air, I thought this is it….I’ve finally lost my mind…I blinked, wiped the eyes and checked again…yeah sure enough Mrs F (the yummy Mummy) was indeed hanging up there like the best of them….where was I going wrong?
Maybe one week soon I’ll get there, but for now I’m just going to enjoy the relaxing meditative phase at the end. I think that’s the only part I’m ever going to excel at. Well I guess it’s good to excel at one part. This is mine.
So as I look back on my first week of ‘fit camp’ 2015 I can really smile. It’s been fun and it’s been good reuniting again with the ladies. And as tomorrow morning dawns, it’s all systems go. One young lady from the camp is going to walk up the aisle and we are all going to be there to witness. Bring on the wedding and the shenanigans of the Fit Camp wedding day!
And from everyone at Fit Camp, Mia, Fran and the ladies, here’s wishing Aine and Christopher the most amazing wedding day ever. We’re all looking forward to celebrating it with you.
‘A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person’.