Moville Weather

I just had a look at the weather forecast for Moville.

It’s cold and blustery outside.

We’ve had the odd good day recently, sandwiched between several not so good days either side.

Next Good Day

So, as we were now in Spring, I wanted to know when the next nice day would be.

The criteria were that it would have to be sunny, at least 10 degrees, not rainy and not windy.

The next day that fits those criteria is April 29th – and it only just sneaks in with a maximum temperature of 10 degrees.

Delayed Spring

It looks like the good weather has been delayed for over a month.

That’s a bit depressing.

The good news is that forecasters are very seldom right in forecasts for weather a month in advance.

They struggle to forecast more than tomorrow – and they sometimes get that wrong.

Let’s hope they are wrong this time.

We could do with a good spell – maybe over Easter.