So last year the whole of Muff knew I’d joined the local fit camp with Mia Funfitness. I blogged about it; not because I thought I was the next Olympian in the making, but simply to keep me motivated and continue it through to the end. Continue with it I did….for a lot longer than I had intended. It started off as a means to getting in shape for the wee brother’s wedding and it ended up being a fun gathering and somewhere I made loads of new friends (well I think they’re friends!!).
After a wee injury in the Autumn I had to stop for a while with the exercise. Then winter set in; the dark mornings, the frost, the snow….the excuses were endless! Fit Camp continued but this camper went into hiding. Last week I wrote one of my monthly blogs on Mummy Pages and mentioned how this particular fit camp had enhanced my life style, so I realised it was now time to return. Today I did just that.
The early morning rise was fine…5.45am was pretty cool today. I got ready as usual and off I went. As soon as Mia told us to ‘run on the spot’ I realised the dreaded warm up was well and truly underway. I suddenly realised how comfy my big bed was just half an hour ago. I believe it actually called out to me! But onwards and upwards I told myself. The warm up was finished and Mia got us doing it all again…and again…I’d forgotten how this all went. And then it was time…those dog pee stances, those crazy lunges, those pulsing limbs and those planking dolphins! It all came back to me slowly but surely. Every now and then I’d look at the other ladies and wished I’d stayed with them all winter…I wasn’t just pulsing me wee legs, I was pulsing me wee heart out!!!
Dog pee
But the hour came to an end and I felt good. Yeeha I was back!
Just over an hour later I was at my work in Magee and as I climbed the steps of the carpark, my wee legs began to yell…they were aching…as I walked up the stairs to my room, the wee legs died! And then the wee arms joined in! I went down for a coffee at 10am and I took the lift back up! That was when it hit me….Mia is trying to kill me all over again. I won’t let her do this.
If I walk away now, I’ll never return….this pain would get the better of me. So I have to go back…it’s the mat on Friday morning, here’s hoping the forest will await me at the end!
yoga mat
But for now, I must crawl up my seemingly endless stairs tonight, and probably slide down them in the morning. Mia still insists this is ‘good pain’! Will I get through this pain barrier, time will tell…but for now Fit Camp is back on track, and if I can still move next week, it shall be visited once more…..shan’t it?