I’ve always said it and it’s not going to change any time soon…if the Squealing Pig staff were Carlsberg, they’d be the best staff in the world…The Pig doesn’t need Carlsberg to know they’re the best staff!! These guys (and gal!) are definitely among the crème de la crème of bar staff, and they just keep outdoing each other.
Last night must definitely go to the member of staff who wasn’t even working (sorry, not you Kevin)…Luke! Not long back from Australia, Luke was enjoying the music like the rest of us ….as I was standing in a corner amongst a few men (well they think they’re men) young Luke kindly found a stool and ensured I was able to rest my wee legs for the night…and it didn’t go unnoticed….many thanks L!
And then there was the designer shirt…a certain Mr McC (marathon man) was wearing a rather trendy, cool shirt. The lads (men!) were giving the poor guy a bit of stick about the said shirt. Sorry lads, ye are all just jealous of good taste…the shirt was/is cool. Now if you happen to see a man one night soon wearing a pink teeshirt, you’ll see what poor taste really is…nothing wrong with a pink shirt, but when it’s all he ever wears, it’s a little different….now who could it be? Oh, and maybe it’s not pink, I’ve been told it’s salmon!!
So if it’s a good night out you’re looking for, with a good pint, a glass of vino, or just a quite drink by the fireside, The Squealing Pig is the place to go. Friendly staff, great company, and fashion to write home about, it’s all there in The Squealing Pig, Muff.
Later today you’ll find music from Golly G and Mike B, and Kevin Lees will be strumming before the night is out. Happy St. Patrick’s Day to all in Muff!St Pats 1