Most people may well be going out today to drown their shamrocks, but they’ll have missed one of the best drownings the village has had….and it was all musical. Last night, young Luke McLaughlin (from London based band, The Turning) entertained in the Pig wee bar.
Having heard Luke a number of times in recent years I knew the clientèle were in for a real treat. But the folk had no idea just what was about to be unleashed upon them!
Luke took to the corner (aka wee bar stage!) and it was music all the way. This young guy can turn his vocal chord and guitar chord to just about anything….there was The Beatles, The Undertones, Oasis, Lou Reed, U2, The Script and many more….like you’ve never heard before. This young guy has a voice that just needs to be heard…he’s young, he’s original, authentic, and just down right talented.
I’m priviliged to have been given a copy of The Turning’s EP last night. Settle For That is a 5 track EP and all original music. Luke has his own song ‘You Think You’re Better’ on this and like the other 4 tracks, it’s so worth a listen. Whilst playing in the car this morning my son said, ‘put that CD on again Mum’…that’s sold it…young and old (mature) will enjoy this!
The Turning
If you weren’t fortunate enough to hear Luke play last night, keep those eyes peeled for his next gig in Muff….you really don’t want to miss it!
Luke Mc