Spring Tides

Moville’s Spring Tides and Debbie and Geraldine with Aaron (the Decibellas) have just arrived back from Dublin after creditable performances at TG4’s Busker Abu at the RTE studios.

Spring Tides started out by playing in Rosatos just for beers. In the beginning they were only just worth those beers. However, they improved rapidly and went on to be the most exciting band in the area and were highly sought.


Debbie & Geraldine had never even played a gig before when they won a surprise runner-up spot in the Moville & Greencastle Music Academy Songwriters Contest in the Sean Ti.

They haven’t looked back since then and have a regular slot at Rosatos and play in various other pubs in the area.

Open Mic

So, to help find more local talent like Spring Tides and the Decibellas, Cathal Kelly, a noted musician himself, is going to run an Open Mic night every Friday in The Clock starting at 10pm every Friday.

Do you write your own songs like Spring Tides and Debbie and Geraldine?

Come along and let people hear them. You never know, they might like them.

Cover Songs

Can you play some good cover songs?

Come along on Friday nights and let the audience there hear you.

It might be the start of something as it was for our Busker Abu acts.

Come Along and Listen

If you fancy something a bit different on a Friday night, and a bit of music, come along and you may see the birth of something big at The Clock on Friday nights.

There’s a lot of talent in the area.

This is the opportunity to maybe see the birth of some great new musical acts.