It certainly is that time of the month again when these crazy ladies escape for a few hours and dine, wine and chitter. This month they decided to take a trip and make a night of it. And boy did they make a night of it!
The car was loaded up at 1.30pm and off they set on their first road trip! Now, Sligo was discussed, as was Belfast, but alas, Culdaff it was! Situated in North Inishowen, just a 20 minute drive away (maybe we were speeding), home to the delightful McGrory’s Hotel, the ladies arrived early afternoon and the fun began.
On arrival at our destination, McGrory’s we were greeted with a very warm welcome and shown to our delightful rooms. It was clear from the beginning that two ladies were slightly superior to the others….hence OUR large beds, bath and shower, lots of space and such!! No two single beds, and shower only for us….unlike the two M’s!!! Now there was nothing inferior about the other room, it was just that some people are more special than others!
And so the bags were unpacked (it looked like the trip was a week long one from the luggage), and the bubbles were poured (the expensive bubbles!!). The meeting place was of course the larger suite (where the important people resided for the night), and the craic was well and truly underway. Then it was out into the big village to explore. And boy, can these ladies explore. First it was to the village shop where lotto was done and a banging door made noise. Then it was to a divine little pub, McGuinnesses for a wee afternoon tipple by the fireside. And then to The Culdaff Arms where the lovely Laura took excellent care of us. And there were a few wolf whistles here….on a Saturday afternoon, who’d have thought it???
As evening set in and darkness approached it was time to return to the homestead (McGrory’s!) for a wee bit of fine dining. And fine dining it certainly was. Aoife ensured we were catered for with first class service and huge thanks go out to her for such. Scrumptious food and a little vino to wash it down left the ladies in fine tuning for the night ahead. It was then that they met them…four cute young men…four rocking young men…The Strypes!
It was a quick change (into the glad rags) dial 0 for the ‘line’ next door, and back on the town (village) it was. Culdaff Arms were delighted to welcome us once more. We realised that a touch of OCD was setting in with us gals, as we returned to our previous seats. It was time to talk about the funeral ‘hangerons’, the twins who grew up and were now 38…one Muff lady, imagined them still in their prams!! There was even a touch of ’50 Shades’ as we discovered a roll of ‘grey duct tape’ and of course the banter went on.
The time came again to move along, and across the road once more they did go. And here again, the OCD encouraged the return to the seats from earlier. These girls had just been in town since early afternoon and already they were locals. A good sign or not, I’ll reserve judgement! Whilst the craic was good (well it was at one table), it was time for two ladies to depart….not due to over consumption, but because four young Cavan men were about to rock McGrory’s backroom….The Strypes were in town, and we were going to the gig! What an awesome performance these young lads gave. Simply outstanding. But alas, the gig finished, and the ladies departed….back into the village and the fireside pub seat once more. Here the music was a little subdued in comparison, but one must respect all tastes….the lost brandy bottle in the bag, the empty vodka bottle and the mysterious glove all made up for this downturn in music….the laughter prevailed, and the giggles continued…and the mysterious glove just kept appearing.
There appeared to be no concept of time so it was all heads back to McGrory’s once more…time became irrelevant…and then there was wine, some survey freak, and more laughter. The night seemed endless. But alas, sleep called out, and to the comfy beds we did go.
But not for long…..the fresh morning came fast and having overindulged on a hefty, delicious breakfast, the walking was done. It was fast, it was furious, and it was fun.
shadow beach
All good things must come to an end, and check out time arrived. But we weren’t ready to leave….not yet….all heads to the bar, coffee and hot chocolate for the road. Goodbyes were said, sincere thanks were made…return visit will be had….it was time for home…or was it…NO…a wake had to be visited….then time for the road home….Muff welcomed us home and we told some fun…BUT did we tell all…..aha, who knows…’what goes on tour stays on tour’….something tells me these ladies have only just begun that tour….is another one forthcoming…oh, I can taste it already….just dial ‘0’ for the outside line…or is is ‘2’?????