Busker Abu

TG4 are having a talent contest to find the best Busker in Ireland called Busker Abu.

They contacted me as  they must have seen on the web that I had run a National Songwriter Contest. It was a very grand name but we did have acts from Dublin, Cork and Derry.

They wanted to know if I could recommend any talent.

I recommended a number of acts and the Busker Abu people selected 6 acts for the show.

One guy, Lawrence Hackett, pulled out as he said he had never busked so that left five.

Michael Thomas from Portstewart

Michael Thomas from Portstewart, who has played the BeatlesFest in Rosatos on the Saturday night for the last three years, had already been recorded. His show took place on February 17th.

I had a couple of tickets for it but decided not to go.

The reason was that I had tickets for the 4 others acts that I put forward and they were all on between the 2nd and 4th of March.

Moville Connected Music Acts

There was Spring Tides who were on the evening of March 2nd.

There was Jack Craig from Derry, who was runner-up in our most recent Songwriter Contest, who was on Tuesday afternoon.

There were the Decibellas, Debbie and Geraldine along with Aaron who would be on Wednesday the 4th in the afternoon.

There was also Siobhan Barber from Buncrana who was on Wednesday evening.

Spring Tides

First up, though, was Spring Tides.

Spring Tides, themselves, had come down on the Sunday night as there was a rehearsal the next day.

However, they had a Skelly’s busful of fans who came down on the Monday.

We saw them all in reception waiting to go in.

Spring Tides Result

It was great to see how a TV show was made and Spring Tides and their fans looked like they were enjoying it immensely.

I’m sure most of Moville know how it went as word would have got about.

However, we can’t put the result on the internet as that would spoil the show.

Busker Abu is on TG4 every Sunday night at 8:30pm for an hour for the next 12 weeks.

There are 8 contestants but only one goes through to the semi finals.

If you don’t know the result you can look in every Sunday.

Look in to Busker Abu

It is not known which Sunday will see Spring Tides, the Decibellas, Michael Thomas, Jack Craig and Siobhan Barber perform as the Producers haven’t released that information.

Why would they?

I know how 4 of them performed but I didn’t stay for Siobhan Barber’s performance as I had seen three shows in three days and they take more than 3 hours to record.

A double show on Wednesday was just too much.

Well Done Spring Tides

All I can say is that Spring Tides didn’t let themselves or the town down.

They gave a great performance.

Have a look in at the show tonight and TG4 and you might see one of the Moville acts or one of the other three local acts.

It’s well worth watching anyway even if they aren’t on this week.