St Patrick’s Day Parade, Moville

We had snow on the ground the other day so it’s difficult to think of spring coming.

However, the annual St Patrick’s Day Parade is now just 11 days away.

It’s always a very well organised event and seems, to us on the outside anyway, to work like clockwork.

Maybe our memories are clouded but it always seems to be a sunny day the day of the St Patrick’s Day parade in Moville.

Moville’s Business Boost

It’s always a day to be looked forward to by Moville’s businesses after a tough January and February.

It helps keep them going till the tourists and visitors arrive in the summer.

The big day always puts the smiles on people’s faces after the ravages of the winter and the deep recession in this part of the country.

Start of Spring

Spring is supposed to start, officially, on March 21st.

Some people say, though, that the 1st of March is the real start of spring, with March, April and May the spring months and June, July and August the summer months.

However, in Moville, spring starts when the first note of the St Patrick’s Day Parade sis played and the first steps taken on March 17th.

Let’s hope it is another good one this year.

It won’t be long till the ferry is open too.