Busker Abu Day

Today’s the big day for Debbie and Geraldine – and Aaron too.

This is the day they do the Busker Abu show on TG4.

They are recording at the RTE studios in Dublin today.

Song Preview

They gave Rosatos’ patrons, on Saturday night, a preview of the song they are going to sing on the show today.

It’s a great choice but I won’t spoil it for you by telling what it is.

Only one of the eight performers at today’s show will go through to the semi finals so it will be difficult.

Great Chance

However, they must be in with a great shout.

The first Busker Abu show was aired on Sunday. It will be on every Sunday night at 8:30pm for the next 12 weeks.

There will be nine more heats followed by two semis and a final.

We have five acts from Moville, or known in Moville, in the competition.

Debbie and Geraldine

So, what chance do Debbie and Geraldine have of winning through to the semi finals?

I would say that they have a great chance.

Judging by the first show I would say that probably half of the acts would have no chance.

Of the four left I would expect Debbie and Geraldine to get through to the last two sing-off.

However, after that, it depends on how good the other act is.

Close Thing

There was a very good act on the first show who won that heat. It would have been close between Debbie and Geraldine and that 4-piece band who sung great harmonies.

I would have given the girls the nod but it would have been close.

It would be nice to see the local acts get through to at least the semis, when the tough competition really starts.

It would be great if they got to the final – and even better if they won the €1,500 prize.

It’s definitely possible.

However, they’ve got to get through today first.

The show is recorded from 1:15pm today lasting around three hours.

Good luck, girls!