Songwriter Festival

We’ve had a couple of Songwriter Contests in Moville and they were very popular.

Remember that great night in the Sean Ti when Lawrence Hackett from Cork sang When Do We Fall to victory with Debbie & Geraldine in 2nd place and Sean O’Neill from Dublin in 3rd.

Tony Bramwell was a judge along with Angie McLaughlin who has played the Electric Picnic several times and Raven, an Emmy winning short documentary maker from San Francisco.

People took out their lighters and lit up the place as he sung the winning song again.


Remember, also, the great night in Rosatos when Matt Whoriskey beat off Jack Craig from Derry into second place and Sean O’Neill from Dublin into 3rd?

What we are thinking about here is not a contest but a Songwriter Festival.

The way I would see it, songwriters from across the country, as well as local acts, would get slots in the local pubs to play.

What I was thinking about is the bank holiday weekend at the start of June for that.

It’s not finalised yet but watch this space for more news.