Country Festival

We had a Parton With Cash Festival in Moville last autumn.

I was told that country music is very popular around here and Dolly and Johnny were very popular.

It went pretty well.

We considered another Parton With Cash Festival but in the summer like the DylanFest and BeatlesFest.

However, there’s no need to keep it to just those two.

We might as well make it into a full Country festival.

Festival Dates

As far as dates are concerned the most likely date would be sometimes in July. The BeatlesFest is the first weekend in August and the DylanFest is the last weekend.

The highly successful Greencastle Regatta is on in August too. There’s not much on in July.

The weekend of the 10th to the 12 might be good – or the following weekend as well.

The only trouble is that I often find it hard to get away for a holiday and this might make it harder to get two weeks away somewhere.

Expect more info soon on the dates and who is likely to play.

Watch this space!