Busker Abu

I just saw the first episode of Busker Abu, TG4’s show to find Ireland’s best busker.

Spring Tides and Debbie & Geraldine will be going down to the RTE studios in Dublin to record their shows.

From what I saw from the first show tonight they have nothing to fear.

There were a number of reasonable acts and a couple of pretty good ones.

It was won by a 4-piece band called 9 Ideas.

However, I wouldn’t say they were any better than Spring Tides or Debbie and Geraldine.

Indeed, I would prefer both of the Moville ones.

However, it depends on what the judges think.

Busker Abu Rules

One the show the judges have five coins each. By the time the act has been playing for 90 seconds all three judges must have pressed the button to give them all of their five coins.

If they haven’t, then the act has to stop, otherwise they are allowed to finish.

There were 8 acts and four were allowed to finish.

They then decided between them which two should play again in a play-off.

Then the judges say who they think should go through to the semis.

Moville Acts

I’m going to stick my neck out and say that both the Moville acts will get through to the last two.

Of course, one never knows who one is up against but if the level is the same for the other episodes I would be confident of them getting a high finish.

I would be confident of the other acts with local connections doing well. That’s Michael Thomas from Portstewart who plays the BeatlesFest, Jack Craig from Derry, runner-up in our Songwriter Contest and Siobhan Barber from Buncrana.

My Prediction

My prediction is that, provided they don’t get nervous and choke on the day that they would all get the 15 coins from the judges.

I reckon that there will be 2 or 3 getting through to the last two in their heat and get into the play off.

I reckon at least one will get through to the semis and I would be hopeful of more.

We’ll see!

It was a great start to the series.

I’m very hopeful for the local acts.