Busker Abu

It’s Busker Abu time. This is the TG4 talent contest to find Ireland’s finest busker.

Moville has two entries in the contest, Buncrana has one, Derry has one (that we know of) and Portstewart has one.

Jack Craig

The Derry one has a Moville connection. It is Jack Craig, who was runner-up to Matt Whoriskey in our last Songwriter Contest.

He actually had 3 songs in the top 5 but was nudged out of top position by Matt, who is from Derry himself and is married to Bryna Barr of Moville.

Michael Thomas

I think many of you know Michael Thomas as well. He’s the American from Portstewart who played on the Saturday night of the BeatlesFest on the Lough for the past two  years in Rosatos. He also played there a couple pf months ago.

Siobhan Barber is the representative from Buncrana.

Spring Tides and the Decibelles

From Moville will go the newly re-launched Spring Tides. They will be taking quite a crowd with them too.

Also, going from Moville / Greencastle will be Debbie and Geraldine of the Decibelles along with youn Aaron. They play regularly in Rosatos and other places about the town and in the area.

They sprang to fame at the first National Songwriters Contest at the final in the Sean Ti when they snatched 2nd place behind Cork man Lawrence Hackett and ahead of Dublin man Sean O’Neill and a host of others.

They hadn’t even played a gig before then.

Busker Abu Recordings

Half of the 10 first round shows have already been recorded. They were recorded from February 16th to 18th. That’s when Michael Thomas was recorded.

I got tickets for that but I couldn’t go.

I don’t know how well he did and would prefer not to till I see the show.

The other five shows are being recorded from next Monday to Wednesday.

Spring Tides Recording

Spring Tides will be on the show recorded on Monday evening.

Debbie & Geraldine (and Aaron) will be on one of the shows recorded on Wednesday as will Siobhan Barber.

Jack Craig will be on the show recorded on Tuesday afternoon.

Show Format

The format is that there will be 10 shows with 8 acts in each. The winner of each of those ten heats goes through to a semi final and then there will be a final.

There will be 12 shows in all and at the end of it we will know Ireland’s best buskers.

Busker Abu starts airing on Sunday, March 1st.

It will be on every Sunday evening at 8:30pm.