Debbie and Geraldine, along with Aaron have passed the audition and are heading to the RTE studios on Wednesday to take part in Busker Abu. This is a talent contest to find the best busker in Ireland.

It will be on TG4 for the next 12 weeks starting on Sunday, March 1st at :30pm. There will be 10 heats, a semi and a final.


They will be playing Rosatos on Saturday night to wave goodbye to their fans before setting out for fame and fortune in Dublin.

For the show they have to perform a 2-minute cover song.

While Spring Tides have already decided on theirs for their heat of the show to be recorded on Monday, Debbie & Geraldine haven’t made their minds up yet.

Picking the Song

They are going to use Rosatos as an opportunity to try out a few songs that they are considering to see how they do in front of Rosatos’ live audience.

Come along and wish them well for the show – and maybe clap loudly on songs that you like. You never know, they might decide on one of the songs you clap the loudest.

You might want to wish the girls good luck too.

If they did well it might be the start of a new career for them.