A small, elite group of ladies departed their local ‘Pig wee bar’ last night and ventured to see the much talked about movie, ’50 Shades of Grey’. Having all discussed the said movie just a few short weeks ago and vouching that none of them were interested in going to see it, they broke all the rules last night!
Their night began with a few tipples in Martha’s Vineyeard. And then it was time for the movie of the month, 50 Shades of Grey.
So in we ventured to our movie theatre bang on time of screening. And to our horror, the only free seats were the two front rows….NO we all gasped. But alas, our money was paid, we were destined to get value for every pound with these seats. As one Miss Muff said, ‘I’ll be able to touch Christian’s bum’! And the same lady would have tried it if she hadn’t got in trouble!!
So we all five took our seats (front seats) and waited eagerly for this much anticipated screening. Only two of the gals had read the book, so myself and the other two had no idea what to expect. And so it began.
The movie showcased and we gals sipped wine, cocktails and more from our wee ‘coke cups’ and even used our straws. The popcorn was passed on a regular basis and the giggles were rife. Mind you the giggles were more rife along our row than in the whole cinema. I think a certain Ms B is to blame. However, no finger pointing among this gang.
We were approximately half way into the movie when these Muff ladies were showcased as the ‘troublemakers of the night’. Although we were watching the film, we also got the banter up….suddenly security was upon us…’Would you mind keeping the noise down’ and a light flashing in our faces. Oh that silly lady for picking on us…the giggles got louder and the popcorn got crunched…although one lady did try and let her popcorn melt in her mouth!
And finally it was over, and guess who was last to leave the movie theatre….yes, those crazy Muff ladies….the chatting just went on.
And then it was time for home. Or was it?
As for the movie, what did we think….well it was a good wee excuse for a girls night out….movie credentials – not as the media are making it out…if this is pornography, I don’t know. Christian Grey certainly didn’t float my boat, but now if his brother Elliot comes knocking, who knows!!!!