The Clock

The Clock are putting on another Full band this week on the Saturday night. There was a great band from Derry last week called Electric Fly.

There was a good crowd there, as well, of maybe 35-40.

It will probably be even higher this week with Savage Henry playing. They play regularly in Rosatos as a duo but they will be playing in The Clock as  a full band.

Yeti Men

Cahill Kelly, who plays regularly with the likes of Yeti men Paul Bredin and James McIvor, has a vision that it will be the new Anchor Bar from the time Mike was there when he used to get those great bands from Derry to come and play as well as bands like The Plea, who cut their teeth there before going on to greater things nationwide.

Mike usually only put the bands on for a three-month spell during the summer. Cathal and the Town Clock are intending to put on full bands ever Saturday night throughout the year.

That’s a great bonus for the people of Moville.

It should be a great night and it’s great to have another venue who put on full bands. They deserve to succeed.