Rosatos on Tuesday

It’s normally pretty quiet in Rosatos on a Tuesday night.

They’re usually busy for food, as they were again, but it’s usually quiet later on when the eaters go home – as it is in most places here on a Tuesday in February.

Some of the diners had stayed on. I saw a balloon that said 70 on it so I assumed it was a 70th birthday party on at the far end of the pub/restaurant.

Great Sight

Then I saw an astonishing sight.

The party came down to the main part of the bar at Rosatos, cleared away the chairs, put some music on and started Set Dancing, I’m told they call it.

And very good they were too. It was very entertaining.


It seems they used to do it at Rawdons on a Thursday night but are moving to Menshed.

It looks a lot of fun – and it gave those of us who were in there a very interesting  evening.

Even barman Danny looked as if he wanted to join in.