Inishowen Heating Oil Prices

Recently the cost of heating oil had fallen as low as €589 for 1,000 litres. They had been as high as €950 for 1,000 litres and last year had been as much as €860.

Now, most heating oil suppliers are asking around the €658-€659 mark – a full €70 above where they were just a month ago. I paid €599 for 1,000 litres  a few weeks ago.

Springtown Fuels

Springtown Fuels still have it at €625 for 1,000 litres but don’t expect that to last too long. If you get a chance to get  it at that price I would take it.

Swilly Fuels have it at €658 and A&N Fuels have it at €659.

Coyle Fuels have it at €655.

The price of oil on the world markets has rebounded a little and pushed prices up here.

Prices are still low compared to last year but it would still have been better if you had bought a month ago.

Update 17/2/15

That didn’t last long. Springtown Fuels are now doing 1,000 litres at €655 – around the same as the others.