CraicOn Moville started in Moville. It’s a little bit different from the newspapers and local news websites in that it is the Craic that is happening here rather than the news.

People from Moville who live abroad and people who live abroad but are frequent visitors to Moville often tell me that they can get the news from the local news websites but that CraicOn gives them a flavour of what is happening and what people are talking about in Moville.

It runs stories that news websites wouldn’t.

It was always intended that it would spread to other towns – especially other towns in this area.McCool runs Muff CraicOn and Eileen Dahill runs Minneapolis / St Paul CraicOn and both do an excellent job.

Anthony Barber – CraicOn Buncrana

Now we have added young Anthony Barber, 18, who is going to run the Buncrana edition of CraicOn.

Anothong Barber CraicOn Buncrana

Anthony Barber of CraicOn Buncrana

Anthony studied Hospitality & Catering for two years at the North West Regional College in Derry before deciding that his future lay elsewhere.

He hasn’t decided what that is to be yet.

He is a member of Insight Inishowen which promotes mental and emotional wellbeing – so we hope his articles will provide a bit of uplift.

He is technically knowledgeable as I just gave him the barest details of how to load up an article and he managed to work it out for himself and load his first article.

We look forward to getting his insight on the craic happening in Buncrana and wish him well.

Welcome aboard Anthony!