The Clock

They have full bands playing at The Clock every Saturday nights now.

I went to one or two at the start. While the music was great there wasn’t much of a crowd.

I wasn’t expecting many when I got up there last night.

I was surprised. There was quite a nice crowd there to hear a great band from Derry.

Anchor Bar

I wonder how many of you remember the Anchor in its heyday. It had several heydays but the one I was talking about was when American Mike used to get bands from Derry and elsewhere to play there.

There were many great nights there.

The Plea used to play there as well as the Jay Walkers.

That looks to be the model that the Clock people are using.

It’s not ging to be the new Town Clock . It’s going to be the new Anchor Bar.

Could Work

I was initially sceptical.

But I think it is going to work now.

It will be especially big in the summer when the visitors arrive.

They’ve already booked an act for the DylanFest.

It’s great to have another great music venue in the town.

The more the merrier!