Moville Sea Scouts

The newly formed Moville Sea Scouts were delighted to be given the use of the Masonic Hall in Moville.

There are almost 50 youngsters in the Sea Cubs and Sea Scouts with a pretty even mix between the two. They really have taken off.

They are on during Friday evenings. The Sea Cubs are on from 6:30pm till 7:30pm and the Sea Scouts are on from 7:30pm to 9pm.

They did a hike to Greencastle recently and are doing another hike this Sunday as well (cubs only).

Omagh Hike

At the end of May they are going to Omagh on a major 20 kilometre hike and will build a Shelter while they are there.

The Masonic Hall have been extremely generous and have given them full access to the hall which they have told them that they can use anytime.

They can basically have the hall when they want – and they aren’t charging them for the use of it.

Opening the Windows

The Masonic group have repainted the hall inside and have put a small kitchen into it too. They are also hoping to be able to open up the windows again.

They had been boarded up because of vandalism. This was many years ago. They are hoping thet the climate has changed to an extent that they can re-open their windows.

Meanwhile the Sea Scouts are delighted that they have been given free access to the hall.

“We’re behind you 150%” the Masons told the Sea Scouts.