Al Diesan

The organisers of DylanFest 2015 in Moville have just received some great news – and that is that Al Diesan, perhaps the world’s top Dylan act, wants to play DylanFest 2015 in Moville.

It will take place from August 27th to 30th so get booked now.

The man from Sardinia will have played every year, bar one, since 2010 – and gets better every year.

DylanFest Rosatos 2013

I remember one youngster telling me, when watching Al Diesan in Rosatos in 2103 that “It was the first time ever in Moville that I have stayed in one pub all night on a Saturday night”.

It was like a stadium crowd that night in Rosatos with the crowd roaring the announcement of each song and singing along.

Al, who has been playing Dylan for decades now, said that it was spine-tingling when he sang Like a Rolling Stone and he had never experienced anything like it before.

Al Diesan is Coming

Said Al in an email to the DylanFest organiser when asked about his availability “I see there is good news from you.

“Excellent !!

“Yes I think to be there and play all the nights: Rosatos, Caiseal Mara, Town Clock are my favourite.

“Best is Rosatos of course but they need to make better the audio system (one speaker didn’t work last year).

“I will be very proud to play with Bobby Does Dylan. He is a real friend.

“In the meantime I’m working on other songs to put in my computer to play over, I think it will be better than ever.

“Thank you

“Al Diesan”.