Spring Weather

We had a pretty good year for weather this year and the winter, except for a couple of colder snaps, has been fairly mild too.

Already the daffodils are well advanced in the boxes in the town and look ready to pop through in the next few weeks.

We could have daffodils out by mid to late February. Normally it is just the snowdrops that we see at this time of year.

Normally we’re battening down the hatches and staying indoors.

Mild Weather

However, it is fairly mild at the moment and that is forecast to continue for the next few weeks.

For the next two weeks the temperature is going to have highs each day of between 7 degrees and 10 degrees.

The buds are on the trees and bushes too.


If this continues we could see the first daffodils coming through in about a week or two.

Wouldn’t that be something?

That would cut short the winter.

Indeed, come St Patrick’s Day the parade could take place in nearly full bloom if this continues.