Greencastle Fish and Chips

It was a great shame to see the Fish and Chip shop in Greencastle close.

It was  a great attraction for those coming over on the ferry.

Indeed a lot of their business came from ferry passengers and it hit them badly when the ferry stopped running all the year round, as it did with other Greencastle businesses – indeed those in Moville too.

Last October, with the ferry just about to close for the Winter one regular diner at Rosatos said “See you in the Spring” as they paid their bill for the last time for another six months.

Green of Culdaff

So, it’s good news that the Fish and Chip show is back open again.

I’m told that it is someone called Green who was a chef in that great place McGroary’s in Culdaff.

It seems that it is going to be all fresh produce.

Seafood Village

With the highly successful Kealy’s sea food Restaurant there as well, it would be great if Greencastle became a well-known seafood village.

It seems that the shop opened yesterday.

We wish it success. The more attractive Greencastle is for visitors the more they will come and that will benefit both Greencastle and Moville.