Moville Panto

Moville’s Panto opened last night. It’s Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs this year.

It was an enthusiastic and noisy audience last night. The baddies were all roundly booed and the goodies cheered.

It went down very well with a mainly youthful audience.

Mickey Mouse

However, it was a change they made just before the start that the audience voted their favourite part of the show.

Literally minutes before the show started, two of the young lads were asked to dress up as Micky Mouse and Minnie Mouse and dance. They were shown what to do.

It was a Eureka moment – a stroke of genius.

It went down very well with the audience.

They’re sure to keep it in for other shows.

Great Production

Now, I wouldn’t want you tho think that this was just a Mickey Mouse production.

The rest of the cast went down very well with the audience – and the production too.

If you haven’t got your tickets, yet, you should get some now. It is on till February 8th with Matinee performances this weekend.

Doors open at 7:15pm tonight and the show starts at 8pm.