With the new year well and truly underway it was that time again when this group of ladies needed the opportunity to meet up and just catch up! With so much expenditure over the Christmas period the ladies decided to save a bob, and planned a ‘dining in’ experience this time around. So one lucky lady got to host the night, cook and provide the entertainment. She did all of this and more in style!
Although I happened to be a little late for the occasion (some of us really do work) I was not late on being updated on all the latest craic! Mind you the noise was a tad loud and they had to be asked to turn the volume down once or twice so I could hear what was being said. (I dread to think of the volume if that karaoke night ever comes to fruition!).
There was red wine, and there was white wine, and this late comer decided on róse wine, so there was basically all sorts. And these ladies really are a bunch of all sorts too! Age was a factor being discussed throughout the night, and it resulted that each and every one of the gals doesn’t feel their age, but just a bit younger……going by the antics last night, I’d say a few feel a good bit younger!! But who am I to judge!!!
When it came to food, it was divine. I’d say that ‘Millionaire cheesecake’ stole the night…The hostess with the mostess certainly surpassed herself. From the Egyptian cotton table cloth, to the designer table mats, we had it all. I just didn’t point out that I spilled some sauce on the cloth…but I’m sure there’s some red wine and some white wine stains there also!!!
So over the coming weeks there’s going to be some decluttering done and a range of items are going to the good as new…..if they even try de-cluttering my wee house, there’ll be war…..kindle all you want gals, but my books are going NOWHERE! And that’s final.
And then there was the record player….yes a very real and very cool record player…. which just wouldn’t listen to us and do as it’s told….next night we shall get it playing..we shall!
The gals are all off to gigs over the coming year also….The Script will be heard, and Fleetwood Mac shall be met…and someone mentioned a gig by David Craig and then some other bloke….here’s hoping they didn’t pay quite near the price of Fleetwood and The Script!!!!! Apparently I’m the exception when it comes to that blasted Wagonwheel….I’ll wagonwheel ye all one of these nights.
Ah, and finally the wine was in and the sense was made. A wee getaway is on the cards. Another part of the country is in for one heck of a shock when these gals visit it in March. All I can say is beware….these gals can ensnare! (and if that retro disco is on….who knows)
So from country cottages, trips to Portugal, romantic weekends away, kindle to books, and of course the men in our lives, it was all discussed. All kept between those four walls last night and all to be rediscussed again on the next meeting. Oh that getaway is already gearing up to be fun. So until that wee date in March, it’s time for the Muff Ladies to return to daily life and make some more topic discussing memories for the next occasion. Something tells me it will be memorable. Isn’t every meeting of the gals such. Here’s to many more. Girl Power!
girl power 2
(Oh and to the two ladies in Oz, your Mum behaved as always…..well I’m sure you know by now just how little she behaves as always…and last night was NO exception).