Living Longer

A new study, out today, has shown that a bottle of beer, or a glass of wine, a day cuts the risk of heart failure dramatically. There were thousands taking part in the survey (15,000 in all) – which can’t have been unpleasant for them if they were being paid to drink.

It seems that men who drink that amount had a 20% less chance of heart failure than those who don’t drink at all. For women the figures is 16%.

Studies have shown a positive link between alcohol consumption and higher levels of ‘good’ protective cholesterol which reduces the risk of heart attack. It also reduces insulin resistance which can damage the heart.

Don’t Drink More

So, the more alcohol you drink the longer you live?

Sadly no!

It has to be in moderation.

However, interestingly, although moderate drinking gives the best heart health results, those who drink more than a moderate amount are on almost the same level of heart risk as those who don’t drink at all.

Interestingly, again, ex-drinkers have a 19% higher chance of having heart problems than either those that never did drink and those who drink more than a moderate amount.

Old Age Drinkers

One has noticed, in the past, that when those who have lived to a grand old age (up to 121) there were two common things that they all apportioned their longevity to.

The first was regular exercise, e.g. a swim or walk once a day.

The other was a drink of whisky, sake, wine or beer before bed.

Moville Health Centre

Perhaps Moville Health Centre and the doctors there should take notice of this.

They could start advising non-drinkers to start drinking in moderation. Indeed they could maybe put it on prescription for heart sufferers.

“Here’s your prescription for Warfarin. Take it to the Chemists.

“And here’s your prescription for a couple of bottle’s of whiskey to be taken once daily before bed for the amounts on the prescription.

“Just take that up to McGettigan’s”.

Aussie Doctor

I remember, when I worked in London, that I worked with this Australian guy in Pall Mall. He told me that one time, in early January, he went to the doctor in Australia saying that he thought he had a stomach ulcer.

“Nonsense!” the Aussie doctor said. “You’ve just had too much rich food and drink over the Christmas and New Year period.

“Go and get yourself a few’ tinnies’ and you’ll feel much better”.

Prescription Please

Now, that would have been an opportunity to ask for a regular, renewable,  prescription.

Perhaps doctors McGinley, Duffy, Bourke and Moore could study the results of the study and get a deal with the local off-licences for supplying patients with the new ‘heart medicine’.

Either that or we could see a new section in the chemist’s with new products like:-

Bushmills Heart Protection Liquid – proven to cut heart attacks by 20%

Guninness Life Giving Formula – proven to prolong life with its restorative qualities

Bordeaux Health Drink – A glass a day keeps the doctor away.

This study could revolutionise the health service in Ireland.