Annie’s Bar Owners

The quality and service guru, Tom Peters, once said that he never came across a company where the workers treated the customers well when the management treated the workers badly.

Incidentally, he also said that if he was to seek out good service in the UK he would go to an Indian restaurant – but that’s just food for thought and by the by.

As regards the first statement, one of the things I’ve been struck by, at Annie’s Bar, has been the attitude of those who work there towards the owners.

Fulsome Praise

When they talk about them, or I overhear them talking about them, they are always fulsome in their praise about them. They are, indeed, enthusiastic about their praise of them as good people to work for.

I’m not just including here the people who work behind the bar. When other people from the organisation come for a drink to the bar, they are even more fulsome of their praise of them.

It seems that the more you know them the more you think of them.

Look After You

They say that they expect you to work hard and do a good job for them. However, if you do that  then they look after you.

I’ve heard other people, who don’t work for them but have maybe had business dealings with them (or just heard from people who work for them), pretty much the same thing, i.e. they are good people to work for and with.

It’s a nice thing to hear and a good reason, according to Tom Peters’ logic, why those who work there are so customer-friendly.

It’s seldom that I’ve heard such unanimous approval of the owners and management of a company by its workers.