AIB Closed

As we all know, the AIB in Moville closed after a long history of being in Moville. They have moved lock, stock and barrel to Carndonagh, and the building has been sold.

Except for a few hours on Wednesday afternoons, anyone who needs to see them has to go all the way there.

Every Wednesday the lorry comes to town to park outside Gillen’s and Annie’s. It’s like going back to old times as customers have to queue outside in the street in all sorts of weather.

It’s like a hick town in the Wild West. It’s embarrassing!

Internet Banking

Of course, before the AIB departed, they tried to move as many people as they can over to internet banking.

With internet banking you would think that, as you are now doing all your own banking, and doing all the work that their staff used to do, that this would be cheaper.

Not a bit of it. They are charging business accounts €240 a year to be able to do all the work by themselves. That’s €60 a quarter.

They are using the fact that there is no bank now in Moville to charge customers more.

Taking the Mickey

Could we foresee a future at the AIB where there are no staff at all except for IT staff?

The customers would do all the work themselves – and the AIB would charge them for the privilege of doing so.

The AIB, who were so utterly reprehensible in the boom and banking crisis, appear to have had no change of heart. They are still treating their customers like mugs.

The people who work there are great, and very helpful – but they are the sheep’s clothing which hides the voracious wolf.