Moville Snowstorm

It’s snowing in Moville as I speak at 3pm. I first noticed it at 8:30 this morning. It looked as if it was going to lie. It was those big flakes that float down to earth – the type that lies.

However, although it put down a thin carpet of snow, it didn’t lie – in the town anyway. I’m told it is lying not too far out of town.

There have been a few more snowfalls since.

Turned to Slush

The first snowfall turned to slush in town and made the pavements very slippy.

However, the layer of wet slush on the ground has made it difficult for the snow to lie in town. I’m sure there will be snowball fights not too far out of town when the kids get out of school.

The best chance of it lying is if the snow continues to fall tonight after dark when the temperatures are falling anyway.

The schoolchildren will be praying desperately for a Snow Day tomorrow.