Annie’s Bar in Moville

It was a success right from the start – as people predicted. It was said beforehand that the owners succeed at whatever they turn their hands to and that they would make the old Bar-a-Cuda (also Terry’s) a success.

They were proved right!

They are very busy over the weekends and have a good trade during the day and night-time as well during the week.

Both the main bar and the back bar (at weekends) are doing well.

Mixed Crowd

It is quite a mixed crowd too with people who are regulars at most bars in the town going there now too.

Some people said that it was an initial rush and that gradually people would drift back to the bars from whence they came.

Although it is true that people do like to go and give new bars the once over, it looks as if Annie’s is keeping most of its trade.

Most people in Moville don’t just go to one bar anyway and it looks as if most pople have added it to the list of pubs that they go to. I’ve added it to my list.

Live Music at Weekends

They have live music on every Friday, Saturday and Sunday in the main bar. They also have a DJ on Fridays and Saturdays too in the back bar. It’s great to have all that extra music in Moville.

Around 40% of the audience who read CraicOn are from outside Ireland. We have readers from over 100 countries but the biggest is the UK.

So, there will be lots of potential visitors who would be looking to try Annie’s out next time they visit.

They won’t be disappointed!