Many Movillians will have been woken up this morning at 8 o’clock, as I was, by the sound of hailstones battering their bedroom windows.

I don’t think I’ve heard the windows battered so fiercely. There were so many of them that they lay on the ground and could have been mistaken for snow.

It’s 11:25 as I write this and we’re getting another battering from the hailstones – the third today.

Stone the Crows

As I look out my window I can see the crows desperately hanging on to twigs on the trees as they are battered by hailstones and are swaying in the fierce wind.

As I walked back from Gillens with my newspapers this morning the wind was so fierce against me it was difficult to walk into it. My attempts to read my newspaper as I walked down the street had to be abandoned.

It looks as if there will be more of it today.

Batten down the hatches – and remember that this time last year it was much worse. The shore walk was being destroyed and the River Bredagh, combined with Lough Foyle, was flowing down the street of the River Row.

As I finish my article it is bright sunny skies again – but don’t be fooled by that.