Good Weather

2014 was a very good year as far as the weather was concerned. There was a mild spring, a good summer and a mild autumn. Except for a few cold snaps lasting just a few days, it has been a mild winter so far too.

So much so that the daffodil stems are already sprouting in the flower boxes about Moville.

Also, the buds are already growing on the trees on the main road of the town.

Spring Time?

Could we see a very early spring?

At this rate the daffodils will be out by the end of January when the snowdrops should still be holding sway.

It would be nice to get an early Spring – but danger lurks.

The coldest part of the year is late January / early February – and we are several weeks away from that.

A prolonged cold spell or a snowfall could hit the daffodils and the tree buds badly.

Live in Hope

But you never know. We could get a very early spring.

This time last year we were being buffeted by high winds and the shore path was wrecked.

So, far it has been a much more friendly winter.

Touch wood!