Moville House Prices

Moville House Prices fell by an astonishing 30% in 2014. That’s after all the falls we have had in the previous few years since around 2008.

The good news is that 13 properties sold in Moville last year compared to 8 in the year before.

It looks like more houses are being sold but at much lower prices.

We have to put a massive rider on this and say that these price falls are on very low samples.

However, the differences are significant.

Bigger By Value

£856,000 worth of property was sold in Moville in 2014 compared with £754,000 worth of property sold the year before. So, those getting commission on selling houses would have seen their commission go up by around 14%.

One property not even in the figures is the three storey town house sold recently between the Corner Bar and the Dry Cleaners which went for £48,500.

Dublin prices may be rising but it is not happening here yet.

Maybe this is the year that house prices will start rising again here.