Surprise Gig

Rosatos had a great programme of music over the Christmas and New Year period, however, the regulars got a very pleasant surprise on a night when there was not supposed to be music on.

When I walked in, expecting a quiet night, I was astonished to see the Yetis playing (or two-thirds of them with James McDonald replacing Stephen McDaid).

It seems that they had been booked to appear elsewhere but that their van had broken down and they couldn’t play.

Can We Play

As they were all geared up to play they asked Eddie at Rosatos if they could come in and play there for a few drinks.

What do you think Eddie said?

There were between 40 and 50 people there when I got there and it rose throughout the evening as news started to get out via Facebook.

It was a  real bonus on one of the few nights without music.

Damien Sheridan will be playing there tonight (Saturday).