Trad Seisun in Rosatos

Clodagh Warnock is internationally known and has put out three albums and done three tours of America with her traditional band Deanta.

Now she has settled down as a wife, mother and music teacher in Moville but she likes to keep her hand in with trad seisuns around the area.

There was one such in Moville on Tuesday night.

The Musicians

There were eight musicians in all, including Clodagh herself, Paddy the Shoe and Joleen McLaughlin of the Henry Girls, who played the harp.

One girl, up from Dublin for the Christmas holidays, said it was one of the nicest seisuns she had ever been at. She said “It was just lovely”.

And that it was!

Standing Room Only

There was a very good crowd for it, as well. It was standing room only.

We’re very blessed with the quality of live music we get in Moville.

There would be major cities, like Sheffield and Nottingham, in England that would not have as much live music on a Saturday night as there would be in Moville & Greencastle.

Damien Sheridan plays Rosatos tonight (Saturday).