Muff has once more excelled itself as a village in 2014. The local playpark celebrated it’s first anniversary and just keeps going from strength to strength. We succeeded in getting a proper pedestrian crossing in place. We, as a community gathered together for good times and bad.
We are so fortunate to live among people who look out for one another. I personally witnessed an incident earlier in the year in which I saw how my neighbours rally round in times of need.
The Muff Festival once again brought people from far and wide to the village and celebrated another memorable weekend.
Muff 1 (fest sports)
Music excelled throughout the year with many local musicians showcasing their talent in the local pubs.
Unfortunately we also witnessed the loss of some loved ones but we also welcomed new birth to the village. The cycle of life continues.
We saw the first vintage show in Muff…we saw various ice bucket challenges…we saw endless local selfies….and we saw the local butcher Conor get married!!!!
Muff 3 g conor
We also saw a crazy group of local ladies get fit!!! And boy did they get fit? From squatting to push ups, from dog pee stances to yoga prances, they did it all. And then they started to run!
Muff 2, ladies runn
But most of all, the people of Muff gathered in times of need. We may not all know our neighbour but we have all learned that our neighbour is always there when they’re needed.
We may be a small village in the north west of Ireland, but we are a very big hearted community and as the years go by, this is only growing in strength.
So to all in Muff and indeed further afield, here’s wishing you all a happy and peaceful New Year. Keep smiling folks and keep this wonderful community alive.
New Year 2