One might pay a cover charge to get into many an establishment on a Saturday night to hear some good music. But how fortunate are we, the Pig locals, to enjoy some outstanding singing in the wee bar and it’s all for free. On a weekly basis there’ll be a sing song underway before closing time (well our closing time) and last night was NO expception.
Natalie Dunne got it kickstarted and was quickly followed by John McGowan (who was allowed night release for the night). Superb singing flowed. And then the weekly favourite Danny gave it a lash. There’s nothing this man can’t sing….we had AC/DC to Christy Moore.
The craic was indeed ninety into the wee hours. Now I’m not sure what the exact time was, but it was impossible not to notice the barman Noel enter with a dangerous object. Was he working at maintenance, or was he implying something? Either way, we realised it was time to knock the singing on its head and home-bound we did go!