Last night was just an ordinary night in the local bar. As always myself, husband and some friends gathered to have our weekly pint and catch up. Whilst we were discussing Christmas shopping and some poor creatures, along came a group of local girls who left an impression for the remainder of the night.
Muff Girl Guides were out Christmas Rhyming and entertaining local folk for the night. And we were privileged to be part of those local folk.
The girls arrived in The Squealing Pig dressed in character and their performance got underway. We welcomed the Leader, St. George, St. Patrick, Oliver Cromwell, the Doctor, Devil Doubt, Beezlebub and A Turk. ‘I am the man that dare you challenge, whose courage is great and with my sword I make Dukes and Earls to quake’…..we were a little wary of the Turk!!! But alas it was resolved. The girls were simply outstanding.
And then to hear them sing ‘Let it Go’ from Frozen really topped the night.
The Guides are performing the show locally in the run up to Christmas so if anyone would like a viewing do contact Breda McFadden or Catherine Lynch for more details. It’s really worth a see!
Girls ye were fantastic. Well done to one and all and to the leaders of the group.