They are always very friendly in Biddy’s fish and chips shop in Moville town square. I call it a fish and chip shops as I didn’t know how to classify it as it does a lot more than fish and chips.

I love the haddock and chips they do there. Recently I have been getting it several times a week.

Indeed I have just ordered today’s haddock and chips and am writing this while waiting for it to cook. I’ll go up shortly and get it.

I love those boxes that they put them in.

I don’t know how they do it but it doesn’t taste greasy at all. Indeed it feels very dry in your hands.

I much prefer haddock to cod.

Back Home

Back home in Greenock it was almost always haddock that the chips shops fried.

They used to do it in breadcrumbs. I always go for  a fish supper when I go back home.

I generally prefer breadcrumbs to batter but the Biddy’s batter is great.

It’s not too dominant. I’ve been to places which have a load of batter and hardly any fish.

It’s the opposite in Biddy’s.

I must go up to get it now.

Thinking Ahead

I deliberately ordered before I wrote this articles – just in case a few people ordered it and they ran out of haddock.

I know, already, I’ll be greeted with a smile and happy faces there.

And I’ll have some of that great haddock and chips to eat shortly.