As the people of Ireland gather today in Dublin city centre to protest against the introduction of Water Charges early next year, Muff heads can be clearly seen among the thousands there! It is estimated that at least 30,000 people (this is expected to rise) have culminated today in Dublin.
So it’s no great surprise to see right in the middle of this mass two infamous Muff heads. That of the butcher, and that of the plumber. One can’t pop into the local here for a quick pint but you’ll see one of these heads (normally the both). One can’t pop into an establishment on the main Inishowen cycle route but you’ll see the same two sneaking a wee pint of the black stuff before getting back on the saddle.
So as the country’s peoples seize the streets of Dublin, the same two are there at the fore. Now boys there’s to be NO Guinness today. You may order Water….free of course!
Muff heads in Dublin