High Waves and Snow

Batten down the hatches and prepare for some nasty weather today and tomorrow.

According to the BBC website “The Met Office says western and northern Scotland and the far north of Northern Ireland should be prepared for “dangerous conditions” during the day.

Train and ferries have been cancelled as a rapidly developing Atlantic storm – a so-called weather bomb – threatens gusts of up to 80 mph (130 km/h)”.

Moville at Risk

If that is true then parts of Moville, including the River Row and shore path could be at risk.

Martin Farren, who managed to get Government money to fix the shore path, and the residents of the River Row will have their fingers crossed today.

This summer, the Government, at the instigation of Martin Farren, reinforced the sea wall on the River Row with massive boulders. They were to take the sting out of any waves. Although the wall isn’t any higher ,the giant boulders are well above the wall line.

Scotch Gerry

Said local River Row resident, Gerry McLaughlin, “We were delighted to see the huge boulders go up after the bashing we took in January. However, if there really is going to be 40 foot waves, they would be higher than the houses here never mind he wall of boulders which only raises the ‘wall’ by a few feet.

“One hopes that because it is a sea lough rather than the sea itself that the waves will be lower. However, if they are even half the size we could be in trouble.”

Stock Up

People are advised to get anything they need before the full force of the storm hits his afternoon as tomorrow should be bad as well.

The storm is expected to be accompanied by snow, as well, although it is not expected to lie at low levels.

The Real Feel of the temperature is expected to be minus two degrees so it will be chilly too.

We are paying now for all the good weather we got this year.

We might as well get the pain over with in just a few days.

Batten down the hatches – especially those in the River Row.